fishing guide in rockport texas
Heads or Tails guide service
Guided fishing trips and duck hunts in rockport Texas  

Fully insured and licensed Capt. Greg Hodsdon

Being an avid outdoorsman his whole life Cpt. Greg Hodsdon has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with an exciting guided fishing trip, or duck hunt in Rockport Texas. Whether spending the day in a duck blind or fishing you are sure to have a great time and leave with a smile.  
Heads or Tails Guide Service has one goal, give you the best outdoor experience possible. 
      Using up to date well maintained equipment is just one of the ways that this is made possible. Outfitted with new St.Croix rods and Okuma bait feeder spinning reels, you don't have to worry about worn out equipment costing you fish.  Taking a guided fishing trip in Rockport, Texas off of an airboat allows you to escape the busy days on the bay by running the flats and finding those secret spots.
     During your duck hunt in Rockport, Texas, you can count on your blind being surrounded by over 8 dozen Tanglefree decoys.  Using hard blinds that are permanently set allows for sure footing and room for all your gear.  Later in the season as the birds become "blind shy" we create shore blinds in the back waters that are only accessible by airboat. 
       Having a professional, happy, and personable guide can make all the difference. I do what I love and I love what I do. Please come join me for a memorable day on the water.    

Heads or Tails guide service. Professional airboat guided fishing trips and duck hunts in rockport texas.